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Center for Development of Serbia (CDS) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, the aim of which is the democratic, economic, and cultural development of Serbia.

New strategy focuses CDS activities on the promotion and capacity building of democratic institutions, promotes active citizenry and promotes strategic importance of formal and non-formal education for the future development of Serbia as a member of European Union.

CDS activities are focused at: (1) promotion of democratic values and protection of human rights; (2) capacity building of democratic institutions; (3) support to the development of market economy and entrepreneurship as foundations for economic development; (4) promotion of the EU integration process and (5) environmental protection and sustainable development.

The Basic Values of Center for Development of Serbia are:

 We, the activists of Center for Development of Serbia, are fully aware that the only thing that can lead to the development of Serbia is the devotion of every individual and his active participation in social and political life. For this cause, it is necessary to provide people with political and civic education, as well as to stimulate new ideas and individual initiative for the benefit of the whole society. In that way the political and economic freedom of citizens are linked and realized, since one has the opportunity to choose by himself the concept and type of his activity, without endangering others on the one hand and being of benefit to the whole society on the other.

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